Compasses have always been my favorite symbol. They’re a reminder to me to always keep moving, and that there’s no wrong direction to be going in. Though the needle may point North, you’re free to use that guidance to forge your own path. All directions are, subjectively, forward.

Moon and Sun

The compass combined with the moon and sun reminds us that through the times of brightness and those of shadow, we always continue to move. Think of the times you’ve seen the moon in the daytime, together with the sun. There’s something surreal about seeing the moon before dusk. In those moments we can see and truly understand harmony in the skies. Together they’re the symbol of balance. We are all free to bask in the sun, and delight in the moonlit night.


The sun represents warmth and positivity worldwide. The deeper meanings stretch to encompass strength, life, and confidence. These are all things we carry inside of us, and in our own time and way we discover it. It also signifies the light we spread upon other people when we share our stories. Each person has a story to share, and an impact to leave. 


The moon represents change. The moon shifts, just as we all do throughout our lives. In spirituality the new moon is used as a time to renew yourself and begin anew. During a new moon the night can seem dark and empty, but as all things come to pass, the moon will always wax and enrich the night sky once more. Sometimes, as people, we are empty, and sometimes we are full. 

Pencil Compass

The pencil compass might be my personal favorite. It’s a tool used commonly to help the user draw a perfect circle. But, I’ve seen people countless times lose their grip and the circle gets skewed. Very rarely is a circle ever perfect; not even the Earth is a perfect globe. It juts out into mountains and descends into deep sea caverns. Just as we pencil our own stories, we find ourselves full of breaks, rises, and falls. It makes the circle all the more unique when the gaps are connected. 


Stellalou is Autumn's favorite stuffed animal. Autumn is a friend who designed this website. Stella is an adventurous, yet bratty, little bunny whose need for exploration goes hand in hand with her love of extravagance. No joke, she probably has as much clothing as I do. She's hidden herself in a place or two around the site - can you find her?

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Emily Bolego

Emily was my suitemate in college and is an extremely talented graphic designer. I told her I wanted something with "a sun, the moon, and a compass" and within moments she brought my image to life.

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The website was designed by my dear friend Autumn Sehy. None of this would have been possible without her. She is extremely talented and headstrong with a traveler's heart.